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Tamiya - Paint - Polycarbonate
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Omni Stock# Product Description Inventory Status Omni Price Add to Cart Note
TAMR6040 Tamiya Spray PS40 Translucent Pink 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock5.591
TAMR6059 Tamiya Spray Lacquer PS-59 Dark Metallic Blue 3 oz (PICTURE)On Order7.791
TAMR6060 Tamiya Spray PS60 Mica Red 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock7.791
TAMR6061 Tamiya Spray Lacquer PS-61 Metallic Orange 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock7.791
TAMR6062 Tamiya Spray Lacquer PS-62 Pure Orange 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock7.591
TAMR6063 Tamiya Spray PS63 Bright Gun Metal 100ml (PICTURE)On Order6.991
TAMR8600 Tamiya PS-51 Purple Anodized Aluminum Spray Can 100ml (PICTURE)In Stock13.691
TAMR8601 Tamiya PS-1 Polycarbonate Spray White 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8602 Tamiya PS-2 Polycarbonate Spray Red 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8603 Tamiya PS-3 Polycarbonate Spray Light Blue 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8604 Tamiya PS-4 Polycarbonate Spray Blue 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8605 Tamiya PS-5 Polycarbonate Spray Black 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8606 Tamiya PS-6 Polycarbonate Spray Yellow 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8607 Tamiya PS-7 Polycarbonate Spray Orange 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8608 Tamiya PS-8 Polycarbonate Spray Light Green 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8609 Tamiya PS-9 Polycarbonate Spray Green 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8610 Tamiya PS-10 Polycarbonate Spray Purple 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8611 Tamiya PS-11 Polycarbonate Spray Pink 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8612 Tamiya PS-12 Polycarbonate Spray Silver 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8613 Tamiya PS-13 Polycarbonate Spray Gold 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8614 Tamiya PS-14 Polycarbonate Spray Copper 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8615 Tamiya PS-15 Polycarbonate Spray Metal Red 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8616 Tamiya PS-16 Polycarbonate Spray Metal Blue 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8617 Tamiya PS-17 Polycarbonate Spray Metal Green 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8618 Tamiya PS-18 Polycarbonate Spray Metallic Purple 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8619 Tamiya PS-19 Polycarbonate Spray Camel Yellow 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8620 Tamiya PS-20 Polycarbonate Spray Fluorescent Red 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock7.791
TAMR8621 Tamiya PS-21 Polycarbonate Spray Park Green 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8622 Tamiya PS-22 Polycarbonate Spray Racing Green 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8623 Tamiya PS-23 Polycarb Spray Gunmetal 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock6.391
TAMR8624 Tamiya PS-24 Polycarb Spray Fluorescent Orange 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock7.791
TAMR8625 Tamiya PS-25 Polycarb Spray Bright Green 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock
Limited Quantities
TAMR8626 Tamiya PS-52 Polycarb Champagne Gold Aluminum 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock13.691
TAMR8627 Tamiya PS-27 Polycarb Spray Fluorescent Yellow 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock7.791
TAMR8628 Tamiya PS-28 Polycarb Spray Fluorescent Green 3 oz (PICTURE)In Stock7.791

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