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All Brands Kites - Multi-Line

When ordering from these price listings, please click the "Add to Cart" button for each item you would like to place in your Shopping Cart. For other methods of placing orders please use the "Omni Stock#" in the left-hand column. Dates shown for out-of-stock items should be used as guidelines only. All prices, descriptions and availability subject to change. All prices shown in US dollars.

Omni Stock# Product Description Inventory Status Omni Price Add to Cart Note
  Brand: BrainStorm 
BNSF1927 BrainStorm WNS XL Dual Control Sport Red 80" Nylon Kite (Picture)Discontinued25.20  
  Brand: Gayla 
GALF0342 Gayla 342 Blue Angel Stunt 42x42" Kite (Picture)Not Carried6.19  
GALF0362 Gayla Stuntmaster Hyper Sport 48x31" Dual Control Kite (Picture)Not Carried6.19  
GALF0663 Gayla Sky Dye Stunt 48" Dual Control Nylon Kite (Picture)Seasonal16.99 
GALF0664 Gayla Sky Fire Stunt 48" Dual Control Nylon Kite (Picture)Seasonal16.99 
GALF0665 Reduced shipping-eligible item... click for more information Gayla Stunt Master Shockwave 48" Kite (Picture)Seasonal16.99 
GALF0667 Gayla Stunt Master Fast Trac II 48" Kite (Picture)Seasonal16.99 
GALF0668 Reduced shipping-eligible item... click for more information Gayla Stunt Master Fast Trac 48" Kite (Picture)Seasonal16.99 
GALF0695 Gayla Stunt Master Windwalker 84x38" Kite (Picture)Seasonal41.99 
GALF0699 Gayla Stunt Master Stars & Stripes 56" Kite (Picture)Seasonal21.59 
GALF1316 Gayla Stunt Master Air Force 78x38" Nylon Kite (Picture)Seasonal28.49 
  Brand: Skydog Kites 
SKKF0401 Skydog Kites Learn To Fly Black Sport 48" Nylon Kite (Picture)Seasonal19.99 
SKKF0420 Skydog Kites Thunderstruck Rainbow Sport Nylon Kite (Picture)Seasonal36.99 
SKKF0430 Skydog Kites Freebird Rainbow 76" Nylon Kite (Picture)Seasonal47.99 
SKKF2520 Skydog Kites Para-Stunter 2.0 Dual Line Nylon Foil Kite (Picture)Seasonal78.99 
SKKF2527 Skydog Kites Para-Stunter 2.7 (Picture)In Stock107.99 
SKKF2535 Skydog Kites PowerFoil 3.5 Meter Class Power Foil Kite (Picture)In Stock227.99 
SKKF2550 Skydog Kites Powerfoil 5.0 (Picture)In Stock256.99 
SKKF3281 Skydog Kites Flames Para-7.5 (Picture)In Stock37.99 

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