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All Brands Adhesive - Thread Locking Compounds

When ordering from these price listings, please click the "Add to Cart" button for each item you would like to place in your Shopping Cart. For other methods of placing orders please use the "Omni Stock#" in the left-hand column. Dates shown for out-of-stock items should be used as guidelines only. All prices, descriptions and availability subject to change. All prices shown in US dollars.

Omni Stock# Product Description Inventory Status Omni Price Add to Cart Note
  Brand: Associated 
ASCR1596 Associated Factory Team Locking Adhesive (Picture)In Stock6.99 
  Brand: Devcon 
DEVR2400 Devcon Thread Locking Compound .2 oz (Picture)Not Carried4.49  
  Brand: Duratrax 
DTXR2010 Reduced shipping-eligible item... click for more information Duratrax Pit Tech Threadlocker .2 oz. (Picture)In Stock3.99 
  Brand: Great Planes 
GPMR6060 Reduced shipping-eligible item... click for more information Great Planes Pro Threadlocker (Picture)In Stock2.99 
  Brand: HPI Racing 
HPIR2186 HPI Racing Pro Thread Lock 3cc (Picture)Not Carried8.59  
  Brand: Zap 
PAAR2242 Zap Adhesives Thread Locker .20 oz (Picture)In Stock3.391
PAAR2271 Zap Adhesives Red Thread Locker .20 oz (Picture)In Stock3.391
  Brand: Tamiya 
TAMR8704 Tamiya Thread Lock 10 cc (Picture)Discontinued3.68  
  Brand: Team Losi Racing 
TLRR1003 Team Losi Racing TLR Lok Threadlock Blue (Picture)In Stock6.991

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