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All Brands Paint - Trains

When ordering from these price listings, please click the "Add to Cart" button for each item you would like to place in your Shopping Cart. For other methods of placing orders please use the "Omni Stock#" in the left-hand column. Dates shown for out-of-stock items should be used as guidelines only. All prices, descriptions and availability subject to change. All prices shown in US dollars.

Omni Stock# Product Description Inventory Status Omni Price Add to Cart Note
TUPR1000 Tru-Color Paint White 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1001 Tru-Color Paint Concrete 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1002 Tru-Color Paint Primer 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1003 Tru-Color Paint Graphite 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1004 Tru-Color Paint Grimy Black 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1005 Tru-Color Paint Black 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1006 Tru-Color Paint Boxcar Brown 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1007 Tru-Color Paint Chinese Red 1oz (Picture)Order Pending5.491
TUPR1008 Tru-Color Paint Aluminum 1oz (Picture)In Stock
Limited Quantities
TUPR1009 Tru-Color Paint Satin 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1010 Tru-Color Paint Thinner 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1011 Tru-Color Paint Flat 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1012 Tru-Color Paint Gloss 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1013 Tru-Color Paint SF Brown 1oz In Stock
Limited Quantities
TUPR1014 Tru-Color Paint SF Blue 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1015 Tru-Color Paint SF Yellow 1oz (Picture)Order Pending5.491
TUPR1016 Tru-Color Paint SF Red 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1017 Tru-Color Paint CPR Action Red 1oz In Stock
Limited Quantities
TUPR1018 Tru-Color Paint UP Harbor Mist Gray 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1019 Tru-Color Paint UP Armour Yellow 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1020 Tru-Color Paint D&H Blue 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1021 Tru-Color Paint D&H Gray 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1022 Tru-Color Paint B&M Blue 1oz In Stock
Limited Quantities
TUPR1023 Tru-Color Paint CN Green 1oz Temporarily
5.49 1
TUPR1024 Tru-Color Paint CN Red/Orange 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1025 Tru-Color Paint NYC Jade Green 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1026 Tru-Color Paint PC Green 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1027 Tru-Color Paint D&RGW Aspen Gold 1oz In Stock
Limited Quantities
TUPR1028 Tru-Color Paint SP&S Green 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1029 Tru-Color Paint GN Empire Builder Green 1oz In Stock
Limited Quantities
TUPR1030 Tru-Color Paint GN Empire Builder Orange 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1031 Tru-Color Paint GN Big Sky Blue 1oz (Picture)In Stock
Limited Quantities
TUPR1032 Tru-Color Paint Caboose Red 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1033 Tru-Color Paint Tuscan Red 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1034 Tru-Color Paint Pullman Green 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1035 Tru-Color Paint SOO Red 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1036 Tru-Color Paint CR Blue 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1037 Tru-Color Paint NP Dark Green/Noth Coast 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1038 Tru-Color Paint NP Light Green/North Coast 1oz (Picture)In Stock
Limited Quantities
TUPR1039 Tru-Color Paint BNSF Orange 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1040 Tru-Color Paint BNSF Green 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1041 Tru-Color Paint B&M Maroon 1oz (Picture)In Stock
Limited Quantities
TUPR1042 Tru-Color Paint SP Lark Dark Gray 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1043 Tru-Color Paint SP Scarlet Red 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1044 Tru-Color Paint BN Cascade Green 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1045 Tru-Color Paint NP Yellow 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1046 Tru-Color Paint Reefer Yellow 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1047 Tru-Color Paint Reefer Orange 1oz (Picture)In Stock5.491
TUPR1048 Tru-Color Paint C&O/B&O Yellow 1oz In Stock5.491
TUPR1049 Tru-Color Paint C&O/B&O Blue 1oz In Stock
Limited Quantities

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