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Omni Stock# Product Description Inventory Status Omni Price Add to Cart Note
  Brand: HPI Racing 
 Category: Car R/C Kits Electric Off-Road - 1/10 Scale
HPIC1702 HPI Racing Cyber 10B Kit w/CB-1 Clear Body (Picture)Not Carried329.99  
 Category: Body Parts / Hardware - R/C Car - Miscellaneous
HPIC6122 HPI Racing Body Pin Medium (20) (Picture)Not Carried4.99  
 Category: Wheels / Rims / Covers / Hub Caps - R/C Car - 1/10 Sc
HPIC1837 Reduced shipping-eligible item... click for more information HPI Racing Speedline Corse Turini Wheels Cyan Micro (4) (Picture)In Stock6.99 
 Category: Tires - R/C Car - 1/10 Scale
HPIC4530 HPI Racing Mini Super Radial (2) (Picture)Not Carried11.99  
 Category: Motor Accessories - R/C Car
HPIC1073 HPI Racing Connector Tamiya Plug Micro RS4 (Picture)Not Carried4.99  
 Category: Motor Sprays / Drops / Cleaners - R/C Car
HPIC4116 HPI Racing Nitro Car Cleaner (CA Compliant) (Picture)Not Carried13.49  
 Category: Differentials / Transmissions / Gearboxes - R/C Car
HPIC6211 HPI Racing Gear Cover/Motor Guard Set (Picture)Not Carried9.99  
 Category: Gears R/C Car - Pinion
HPIC3529 HPI Racing Aluminum Racing Pinion Gear 64P 29T (Picture)Not Carried8.69  
HPIC6918 HPI Racing Pinion Gear 48P 18T (Picture)Not Carried8.99  
 Category: Chassis Components - R/C Car
HPIC5317 HPI Racing TVP Main Chassis Set (Picture)Discontinued34.99  
HPIC8045 HPI Racing Steering Upgrade Set Savage (4) (Picture)Not Carried17.99  
 Category: Lubricants / Shock Oils - R/C Car
HPIC6957 HPI Racing Pro Silicone Shock Oil 35wt 60cc (Picture)Not Carried7.99  
HPIC7653 HPI Racing Pro Silicone Shock Oil 20wt (Picture)Not Carried7.99  
HPIC7655 HPI Racing Pro Silicone Shock Oil 30wt (Picture)Not Carried7.99  
HPIC7657 HPI Racing Pro Silicone Shock Oil 40wt (Picture)Not Carried7.99  
HPIC7659 HPI Racing Pro Silicone Shock Oil 50wt (Picture)Not Carried7.99  
 Category: Hardware - R/C Car
HPIC1303 HPI Racing Cap Head Screw M3x42mm E-Savage (6) (Picture)Not Carried3.99  
 Category: Ball Bearings / Bushings - R/C Car
HPIC0090 HPI Racing Ball Bearing 10x15x4mm ZZ E-Savage (Picture)Not Carried17.99  
HPIC0094 HPI Racing Ball Bearing 4x8x3mm ZZ (Picture)Not Carried15.99  
HPIC0096 HPI Racing Ball Bearing 5x8x2.5mm (2) (Picture)Not Carried10.99  
HPIC0097 HPI Racing Ball Bearing 5x11x4mm E-Savage (2) (Picture)Not Carried15.99  
HPIC0130 HPI Racing Ball Bearing 10x15x4mm Rubber Shield (2) Not Carried6.49  
HPIC1470 HPI Racing Metal Bushing 5x8x2.5mm (6) (Picture)Not Carried2.79  
HPIC2026 HPI Racing Ball Bearing 6x12x4mm E-Savage (2) (Picture)Not Carried6.49  
HPIC8933 HPI Racing Ball Bearing 12x18x4mm (2) (Picture)Not Carried9.99  
 Category: Fuel Tanks & Accessories - R/C Car
HPIC2623 HPI Racing Inline Fuel Filter Hellfire (Picture)Not Carried8.69  
 Category: Suspension Parts - R/C Car
HPIC6621 Reduced shipping-eligible item... click for more information HPI Racing CNC Front Suspension Holder 7075 (Picture)In Stock
Limited Quantities
 Category: Air Cleaners - R/C Engine
HPIC1190 HPI Racing Air Filter Oil 30cc (Picture)Not Carried9.99  
 Category: Gaskets / O-Rings - R/C Engine
HPIG0875 HPI Racing Exhaust Gasket Set (Picture)Not Carried4.99  
 Category: Parts - Miscellaneous - R/C Engine
HPIG5454 HPI Racing CMR7H Spark Plug Baja 5B/5T (Picture)Not Carried15.99  
 Category: Servos - Standard
HPIM4109 HPI Racing SF-20W Servo (Waterproof/6.6kg-cm6.0V) (Picture)Not Carried39.99  
 Category: Battery Accessories
HPIP1289 HPI Racing Plazma Pouch LiPo Safe Bag 18x22cm (Picture)Not Carried25.99  
HPIP7249 HPI Racing Plazma Pouch Lipo Safe Case Black (Picture)Not Carried29.99  
 Category: Fuel Bulbs / Fuel Bottles
HPIP4115 HPI Racing 500cc Fuel Bottle (Picture)Not Carried13.99  
 Category: Wrenches
HPIP4111 HPI Racing 4-Way Glow Plug Wrench (Picture)Not Carried11.99  
 Category: Screw Drivers / Ball Drivers / Hex Drivers
HPIR1913 HPI Racing Pro-Series Tools Body Reamer (Picture)Not Carried29.99  
 Category: Scissors / Shears
HPIR9084 HPI Racing Curved Scissors 5-1/2" (Picture)Not Carried14.99  
 Category: Adhesive - Cyanoacrylate Glues
HPIR1999 HPI Racing Ultra-CA Tyre Glue 20g (Picture)Not Carried4.99  
 Category: Adhesive - Thread Locking Compounds
HPIR2186 HPI Racing Pro Thread Lock 3cc (Picture)Not Carried8.99  

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