Possible Shopping Cart Problems and Solutions

In the rare event that you might encounter difficulty with the OmniModels Shopping Cart interface, the most common problems are related to browser issues. Read below for solutions to possible causes of problems you may be experiencing.

— Cookies —
A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer and allows us to keep the items in your shopping cart associated with your computer's web browser. It does not include any of your personal information and in no way can affect the operation of your computer. You must have your browser configured to accept cookies to use the OmniModels Shopping Cart. Setting this up on your system varies from browser to browser. It is usually enabled by default.

Enabling cookies if your browser isn't currently set to accept cookies:

Other possible problems and solutions associated with cookies:

— Temporary Internet Files —
Internet files such as web pages, pictures and videos are temporarily stored in the Windows Temporary Internet Files folder. As the folder nears capacity, web browsing can become rather slow or may halt completely in which case the Shopping Cart or any other web page may fail to load properly. Clearing the temporary files from this folder will solve this problem.

How to clear the Internet Explorer temporary Internet files folder:

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